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Ansell HyFlex® 11-801 Foam Light Duty Multipurpose Gloves

$2.99 - $45.29


HyFlex® 11-801 Light Duty Multipurpose Gloves
• Improved design delivers enhanced comfort in a dirt masking color
• Darker liner is well-suited for slightly oily or dirty environments helping to improve wear life
• Legendary first-to-market foam coating provides more breathability that extends workers’ comfort
• Benefits from proprietary washing process that efficiently extracts impurities to deliver a cleaner, more comfortable glove. Independently certified as skin friendly by the Oeko-Tex® testing & certification system
• No transfer of silicone contaminants to metal parts prior to painting
• A highly versatile solution for precision assembly and general handling, it provides the perfect balance between comfort, dexterity and protection
• Advanced Knitting Technology allows increased stretch and flexibility in high-stress areas: the hand operates more freely, improving comfort and reducing hand fatigue
• ANSI Cut A1
• ANSI Abrasion 3
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